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Kwon JiYong pix 2

30. října 2008 v 19:48 | Lee KyuYong
B1C7C1D5_dlwlgus9325.jpg g dragon image by helenkim24

normal_BB039.jpg g dragon image by Uglifreak

w5-10.jpg image by tvxqluv

gdragon_08.jpg G dragon image by pha020

G-Dragon.png G-Dragon image by Kamizuki-san

GD079069-1.jpg G - Dragon image by x0x_cathryn_x0x

g.bmp G Dragon image by x10krnpryde04x

G-Dragon.jpg G-Dragon♥ image by saranghaejunsu

480f1ace7e3befilename3pt4.jpg G Dragon 4ever image by rumjuboonh4t

aaabigbang_4_1280-1.jpg g dragon image by xjessie49

gdragcookie.jpg Kwon ji yong image by ycatherine

43.jpg kwon ji yong image by sexxi04_2007

BigBang-GDragon.png kwon ji yong image by juliaxchic

G-Dragon-Kwon-Ji-Yong.jpg :D image by Looszahh

1209287482s1411nb5.jpg Kwon Ji Yong image by toytos_jgas3

2466007014_1ccc17a789_o.gif Mr. Kwon Ji Yong, why are you so fly? image by Romeenahx3

A gif na konec ^^

Kwon JiYong pix 1

30. října 2008 v 19:37 | Lee KyuYong
G-dragon-1.jpg G-Dragon image by KayKiDDD

g-dragon-1.jpg g dragon image by jenica96

20-G-Dragon.jpg G Dragon image by sharynnussbaum

numerogd02.jpg G Dragon 01 image by pea_ce

Gdragon1.jpg G DRAGOn image by misxamy

db1f1d7704b2a0_full.jpg G Dragon image by imperfections__92

G-Dragon.jpg g-DrAgOn!! image by yabo_fooheehaw

G-Dragon-TeddyBear.jpg g-dragon! image by iloveyou4217

g-dragon.jpg g-dragon image by ayuna234

1265op0-1.jpg G Dragon image by AngelDust415SUP88

9bad13666a.jpg g Dragon image by soo_fish

81.jpg G Dragon image by Respire_album

gdragon.jpg g dragon image by musicmisc543

G-dragon.jpg g-dragon image by grace12411

normal_GD080053.jpg G DRAGON image by hai_san

071013gd3fa1.jpg g dragon image by otakumuch

Clipboard10.jpg g dragon image by otakumuch

yr043eh4.jpg g dragon image by otakumuch

BB5995.jpg G DRAGON image by Sierra11889

g-dragon.jpg LUV HIM...ALOT image by moongurl96

KWONJIYONG.jpg G Dragon image by nonnie_nhoi

g-dragon-1.jpg g-dragon image by ilOVEyOOH808
wennn65.jpg g dragon image by meh_074

For my love, Wery :)

Za SB od Kim JaeYong ^^

29. října 2008 v 21:10 | Lee KyuYong

Big Bang pix 3

28. října 2008 v 12:20 | Lee KyuYong


Big Bang - Dirty Cash

Big Bang pix 2

28. října 2008 v 12:07 | Lee KyuYong

The Real Docu Big Bang



Taeyang's is most apparent.. lol


HyukJae and his sister, Sora

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Sleeping ^^

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Supy Mini Concert

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27. října 2008 v 19:46 | Lee KyuYong

Goodbye Baby

27. října 2008 v 19:43 | Lee KyuYong

This Love

27. října 2008 v 19:41 | Lee KyuYong

La La La

27. října 2008 v 19:37 | Lee KyuYong

Dirty Cash

27. října 2008 v 19:33 | Lee KyuYong

With U

27. října 2008 v 19:30 | Lee KyuYong

Last Farewell

27. října 2008 v 19:29 | Lee KyuYong

Haru Haru

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27. října 2008 v 13:40 | Lee KyuYong

We Belong Together

27. října 2008 v 13:29 | Lee KyuYong

Big Bang pix 1

27. října 2008 v 13:12 | Lee KyuYong
2550934920_69fc71f81f.jpg BIGBANG image by nhox_bum

Always-Bigbang.jpg Always image by nhox_bum

bigbangqk31.jpg BigBang image by xasiandudette

B4DCC3BC2_shj256.jpg BIGBANG image by imseong1204

bigbang2copy-2.jpg med image by botunta

l_9ed294312504fe4c60dab1308acc4a2c.jpg BigBang image by fairki

baf2b9f0_lovecool31_harusora_3.jpg BIGBANG image by imseong1204

846127433_12199971111_lh2133.jpg BIGBANG image by imseong1204

033135528_12199971111_lh2133.jpg BIGBANG image by imseong1204

Bigbang.jpg Big Bang image by xsamiishx
img_262_6534_3.jpg Bigbang image by iMisaAmane

bigbang.jpg bigbang image by choucream

Bigbang.gif bigbang image by Ying_llSD

Bigbang.jpg bigbang image by deepict_addict

bigbang.jpg bigbang image by NIKKI_FOREVA

bigbang.jpg bigbang image by bigbang_bucket_meh

bigbang-1.jpg bigbang image by elinnakazu

bigbang.jpg BigBang image by Ahjuhshi

410615lr3_3.jpg bigbang image by j-k-jackson

bigbang_14.jpg มายชอย3 image by my_choi

bbsss4.jpg Bigbang 2 image by son_mool

About Lee SeungHyun

27. října 2008 v 12:57 | Lee KyuYong
Lee Seung Hyun or as everyone calls him "Seung Ri", is the "Little Brother" of Big Bang, . His name when Big Bang debut was "V" which is derived from Victory. YG's staff calls him "Maknae", which means "the youngest (usually in a family)". Before joining Big Bang, Seung Ri was on "Battle Shinhwa", a show that was searching for the second Shinhwa, a very sucessful Korean boy band. However, he was rejected in 13th episode because even though he was a great dancer, his vocals failed to impress. The manager of YG recognized his talent and invited him to practice with the YG Family. Seung Ri's greatest talents are dancing and choreographing dance routines. He was born December 12, 1990. His height is 174cm and weighs 57kg. He has a younger sibling. His skills are Singing, dancing, choreographing. His likes are Foreign languages. The musicians he adires are Justin Timberlake & Omarion. His personality is very strong, for the youngest member of the group. He is pretty mature, because his blood-type is A, he is very shy and keeps a lot of things to himself.
i love this guy becoz he can be very cute at one tym and turn in to hot the next he is also my second favourite out of big bang xD haha hes also funny and ACTS lyk the mangnae of the group you shod see him interupt TOP song on Happy shares company!! he botz in front of the camera and said "catch me if you can!!" and TOP said "you ungrateful bastard!" in his impersantaion voice xD (these two are my favs!)
but i also feel he doesnt have to many fans evryone else is very popular except him (and maybe dae sung) but i still luv him!! all da other members dont treat him exactly like evryone else must be becoz hes da youngest! xD i dnt hear him to often though! but he lyks to be in fornt of the camera alot!! but is also shy!! XD hes a good dancer and singer and can be VERY funny at times!! and a very kind,cool,loveble,adorkable guy friend you cod of ever have xDD not to mention the cutetest and hottest xDDDDD

ygv6tj8jpgimgmax640.jpg SeungRi image by Chunsa_2007