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26. června 2010 v 16:47 | kyasurin |  °°About Me°°
Name: Kyas
Age: 17
Country: Czech Republic
Hair: Dark brown, long
Eyes: Brown
High: 1,73 m
Religion: I believe in Super Junior


I love stars, the beautiful things on night sky~
I love my friends, the angels without wings~
I love ice-cream, the best cold thing in hot summer days~
I love music, my only addiction~
I love Chris, my little cute teddy bear~
I love Super Junior, I'm proud to be one of sapphire blue~

I love Super Junior since February, 2008

내사랑히 서서히 죽어가는병
주금아프시만 낫고 싶은마음은없는걸
서러가 남이었던 시간으로되돌아가서

...mine, her, only our~


He's perfect
The One I Love

Super Junior Fighting

They are my One Love My Shining Stars My Everything
When I saw them at the first time I felt Heartquake
I Am in L.O.V.E with them
And I can do Miracle for them
I wanna make Pajama Party and then Rock This House with them
They are so Successful
What If they end? So I just Reset myself and come to a Monster or I Dead At Heart
My Wonder boys, we'll be Happy Together forever, because You Are My Endless Love

Sorry Sorry for my english
Thank You for visit

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1 Ayame-chan Ayame-chan | Web | 28. června 2010 v 14:17 | Reagovat

Pekne si to vymyslela =]

2 Nagisenka Nagisenka | Web | 1. července 2010 v 12:15 | Reagovat

Nejmilejší Kačenka na světě ♥

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